Signup Page for FTL Contactless Ordering System

Food Truck League have created a contactless ordering system for our trucks. You can see a demo version of it here: Ordering System Demo

As a vendor you can choose to do pickup only (from your contactless pickup spot), or pickup and delivery.

This is how it works:

  1. Customer places an order via the mobile friendly order page. They pay via a credit card that is securely processed through the FTL website.
  2. If the transaction is successful you will receive an email with all the order information clearly displayed. The money has been received so you can have confidence in preparing the food for the customer.
  3. The money will be transferred to your account in 3-4 business days (it can take 3 days to be deposited to our account by the payment processor, so we will pass the funds on to you as soon as we can). FTL administration fees (10%) and credit card processing fees (3.5%) are taken out of the total amount of the days takings before the remainder is transferred to you.

Set up is completely free so if you would like to participate please complete the form below so we can set up your customised ordering page:

Terms & Conditions: FTL are offering this service to our trucks but any issues regarding the food or service is between the customer and the vendor. FTL will not be held liable for any lack of quality, dellivery, availability or any other issue around the food purchased through this service. Any reasonable chargebacks or any other costs incurred by FTL and associated with an order or customer will be passed back to the vendor.

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