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Are you looking to hire or rent a food truck for your next event? The Food Truck League is New Zealand’s fastest growing platform of food trucks with many food truck choices and countless gourmet menu options. After helping you pick the perfect truck (or trucks) for your event, The Food Truck League customizes and coordinates all of the event details to ensure you have the best catering experience possible.

What makes The Food Truck League New Zealand’s number one source for food trucks? We vet and track the performance of New Zealand’s most popular food trucks so we can schedule and book the highest quality, most reliable food trucks for your catered event.

Whether you need catering for your next corporate event or are just looking to rent a truck for a day, you can make it all happen through The Food Truck League.

How to order Food Truck Catering


Tell us about your event

Fill out our simple form to give us the information we need to start working for you.


We’ll get to work

We’ll make sure the best food trucks are available and get the right mix to make your event a success.


Choose & secure

Make your choice of truck(s) & menu, then make payment to lock in the catering for your event. Easy as!

Join the Food Truck League

Do you own a food truck or caravan? Joining the Food Truck League is FREE and provides you with these great benefits:

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Plus: The Food Truck League doesn’t own any trucks so we are completely impartial.


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